C&W Sucessfully Secures Deloitte as the Lead Tenant in the new Cadillac Fairview Tower in Downtown Montreal

Deloitte Montreal
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The Challenge

C&W was engaged by Deloitte to transact a lease renewal at their current location as well as assess its relocation options to meet their corporate objectives which included: image, prestige, employee attraction and retention, space efficiencies and strategic occupancy planning. Two scenarios were reviewed – a retrofit in their current space and relocation to a new tower - each proving to have their challenges. The obstacle faced with the retrofit option included re-building a completely obsolete space and implementing new space utilization metrics in a 50-year old building while the relocation option was challenged by the limited large contiguous blocks of space available in the Montreal market and the lead time required to build a new tower.

The Solution

As part of the disciplined process and due diligence, C&W engaged professionals to fully analyze the current building deficiencies, the costs to upgrade and retrofit the space and building systems, as well as the timing of such an operation. At the same time, C&W examined relocation scenarios for Deloitte including off-core and suburban solutions for non-strategic departments. All scenarios had to be capable of adhering to Deloitte’s new occupancy planning metrics, densification strategies and sustainability and environmental concerns.

The Result

After a rigorous scenario and financial analysis, Deloitte made the decision to launch the new LEED Platinum Cadillac Fairview tower in downtown Montreal. Deloitte avoided a difficult ‘rebuild in place’ scenario and was able to implement its new strategic occupancy strategy, occupy a state-of-the-art LEED Platinum building to better attract and retain talent and promote its brand while making a statement on the Montreal skyline.


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